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Welcome to Fractalierre.

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Fractalierre is both a personal homepage and a repository of fractal art, a hobby that hooked me sometime in 2000, and has since refused to give me up entirely. I began with Damien Jones' Ultra Fractal (UF), and I highly recommend that to any beginner. Somewhere along the line, however, I grew interested in flame fractals, and was introduced to Apophysis, a wonderful freeware program. Today, most of my work is a blend of the two, with the flames generated in Apophysis and then imported to UF for refining, addition of layers and transforms, and even framing. (The frames on all of the fractals are themselves fractal works, added in UF.)

Updates happen instantly at my DeviantArt gallery, so if you're wondering what I've been doing most recently, you can always check there, but almost everything finds its way here before too long. Enjoy your visit!

-- Cairsten.